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Guide to the Best Hot Tub Brand

The Key Differences & Our Top Picks

Looking to Find the Best Hot Tub Brand?

With more and more hot tub companies entering the market, choosing between models and brands is more difficult than ever. The amount of factors you will have to consider when picking out a new hot tub is quite large: price, size, availability of parts, warranty, dealer proximity, design, jet technology, and more should all be considered in your decision. 

Lucky for you, we used our expansive knowledge of the hot tub industry to break down the top hot tub brand you should be focussing on. 

Caldera Spas

Caldera Spas is another popular choice and shares many of the same qualities as Hot Spring Spas. Both brands have a nationwide dealer network, similar warranties, advanced heating and filtration technology, and are the only two brands with the innovative salt water system available. The two brands are quite evenly matched, and which brand you go with may easily depend on your personal preference, which brand has a closer dealer, and the prices of the individual models. Regardless, when you start researching which brand to go with, or head to a dealer to check out different brands, you are sure to come across Hot Spring or Caldera Spas.

Caldera features three lines of hot tubs that rise in price and features, and their jet technology is quite advanced. We believe that their Utopia Series line pictured below, feature some of the best designed hot tubs on the market. 

The Utopia® Series

The pinnacle of hot tub design, the Utopia Series is unlike anything available today. And it’s waiting for you. An exclusive combination of high-performance details make each Utopia spa a hydrotherapy powerhouse that’s easy to use with low operating costs. It’s the most ideal personal care experience, and a visually-stunning backyard focal point. Every model is ready to use with our simple and intuitive FreshWater® Salt System for longer lasting, natural feeling water.

The Paradise® Series

Transformation, wellness, and connection are always at your beck and call with our popular Paradise Series. The Paradise Series has models sized for three to seven adults all with a blend of practical functions and premium options for an immersive hydrotherapy massage, and comes ready to use the FreshWater® Salt System.

The Vacanza® Series

All the wellness benefits of a Caldera spa, available at an exceptional value. Refresh, renew, and emerge ready for what life has to offer. The Vacanza Series hot tubs have been thoughtfully designed with options that provide the broadest range of therapeutic benefits at the greatest value. We’ve focused on jet configurations that target major muscle groups to work away stress so you emerge fully rejuvenated.