Brilliance Chemicals

Bromine, chlorine and chlorine-free solutions. Enjoy clean, clear spa water with a selection of brilliance products! 

For Water Balance Needs

Brilliance® for spas Spa Care offers balancers to get the right pH level for your spa. We also have calcium hardness increasers and alkalinity increasers to get your spa just the way you like it.

Routine Care 

Brilliance® for spas offers oxidizers with mineral salts, oxidizing tablets for bromine and chlorine sanitized spas and start up kits to achieve immediate bromine level for when your spa is drained and refilled.

Enjoy Clean, Pure Water

Nothing is more calming than soaking in a spa full of warm, relaxing, sparkling clean water. No matter which sanitizing system you choose, keeping the water balanced is essential to your enjoyment of the spa.

Try Chlorine Free

Brilliance® for spas Spa Care System is unlike other bromine-based spa care systems because it won’t upset the delicate balance of a spa’s water chemistry. The Brilliance® for spas Spa Care System has everything you need: Easy-to-use products and a full line of chlorine-free, hassle-free spa care products.


Our name is changing, but not our commitment to you!

O’Neill’s Pools has joined forces with Patriot Pool & Spa. Over the coming weeks, the O’Neill’s brand will be transitioning into Patriot Pool & Spa, so you may notice some updated branding on our trucks, uniforms, and bills. Our office location and contact information will remain the same as the O’Neill’s footprint will become our 2nd Austin location: Patriot Pool & Spa – West. 

Same service you expect. Even though our name has changed, rest assured you will continue to receive the same great service. Our priority will continue to be providing you with an excellent experience from the team that you know and trust. 

More pool industry experience at your disposal. As a Patriot Pool & Spa customer, you now have access to a team of pool professionals with hundreds of years of combined swimming pool industry experience.

You’ll find that we’re still your local pool cleaning & repair company — just stronger. During this transition, you can reach us at 512.636.8122 or, for more information about Patriot and the variety of services we offer, visit us at www.patriotpoolandspa for more details.

Thank you for being our customer and giving us the opportunity to continue caring for your pool!


Hal Denbar
Founder, Patriot Pool & Spa
Founding Partner & President, Texas, National Pool Partners

Neil Engelmann
O’Neill’s Pools

Amy Engelmann
O’Neill’s Pools