Hayward Pool Equipment

Go Chlorine-Free today! 

For Water Balance Needs

Brilliance® for spas Spa Care System is unlike other bromine-based spa care systems because it won’t upset the delicate balance of a spa’s water chemistry. The Brilliance® for spas Spa Care System has everything you need: Easy-to-use products and a full line of chlorine-free, hassle-free spa care products.

Alternative for Chlorine

Brilliance® for spas offers the total package and converting your hot tub to chlorine-free Brilliance® for spas takes just minutes.


Enjoy Clean, Pure Water

Nothing is more calming than soaking in a spa full of warm, relaxing, sparkling clean water. No matter which sanitizing system you choose, keeping the water balanced is essential to your enjoyment of the spa.

Everything for Spa Maintenance

Offering cleaners, defoamers, clarifiers and more, Brilliance® for spas maintenance products will help you get the most out of your spa experience.