Monthly Pool Maintenance Checklist

Monthly Pool Maintenance

Monthly Pool Maintenance Checklist

If you decide to perform your own pool maintenance, we highly recommend creating and following a checklist so you don’t forget any important steps. The information stated within this document is for reference only, and is not intended to be used as a basis for exact pool and pool water maintenance. Every pool is different based on need, equipment, type of pool and much more. Not sure about your water chemistry? We offer a free water test and a custom treatment solutio

    • Test and adjust Calcium Hardness
    • Test and adjust for Total Dissolved Solids
    • Test the total alkalinity, which should be in the range of 120-150 ppm.
    • Chemically clean the filter
    • Visually inspect tile, grout, sealant, and other exposed elements of pool
    • Conduct Langelier Saturation Index evaluation and adjust as necessary
    • Test your salt levels if you have a saltwater pool.
    • If you have a vinyl liner – check for holes and tears and make any needed repairs as soon as possible.
    • If you have a concrete, gunite pool or fiberglass pool, check for cracks.
    • Check the seals in your motor and pump.
    • Check all handrails, steps and other safety equipment to be sure that it’s in proper working order.

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