Pool Pumps

Pool Pumps

Pool pumps come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Whether your pump has a slight drip, won’t turn on, or is throwing more sparks than a Fourth of July parade, we can break your pump down and make a thorough recommendation on what’s needed to bring it back to life.

We also can make recommendations on pump upgrades. The technology available for pool pumps has changed drastically in the past 5 years due to ever-increasing technology. From high-efficiency single speed pumps to the newest advances in variable speed technology, we can not only help your pool stay cleaner, but save you money while doing it!

Pump Service, Repair or Replacement
A properly working pool pump will keep your pool’s water circulating properly. This will prevent algae from growing as well as keep your pool’s water looking crystal clear. A pool pump that is working correctly should be quiet, dry, and should not have any air bubbles inside of it. If you are noticing air bubbles coming through the return fittings in the pool, more than likely a there is a suction leak between the skimmer and pool pump. If your pump is leaking water it could be that the mechanical seal, or seal plate gasket has failed. In some situations, replacing your pool pump could be the best solution. By the way – we often discover pools with “energy-hogging” single speed pumps, when an energy-efficient variable speed pump would be more economical. Switching to a more energy-efficient pump will save you hundreds of dollars every year, and possibly qualify for a rebate from your energy provider.

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