Summer Readiness Check

Summer Readiness Check

As soon as the weather starts getting warm, we can come out and perform a complete system evaluation to make sure your system will give you a full swimming season with crystal clear water. We will provide a full inspection of the pump, filter, control, and sanitation systems. Contact us for more information.

Things to Consider:
Clean up plant debris from the pool deck, patio, nearby planting beds – virtually anything that has the potential for producing debris in your pool. Prune trees and hedges that have grown in recent months and might hang over your pool. Some plants shed their flowers in the summertime, which can end up in your pool.

Check your Pool Supplies
Check expiration dates on all pool chemical containers. Cleaning supplies that are past expiration should be properly disposed of and replaced with new chemicals. Also remember that if a chemical was not properly sealed before being stored in the off-season, you need to replace that as well.

Remove the Pool Cover
During the fall and winter months your pool cover accumulates water. Be sure to avoid mixing the water on the top of the cover with your pool water by using a pump or shop vacuum to remove the water from the top of the pool cover. After removing the cover, take it to a driveway or other solid place on a slant or slope for easier drainage. Thoroughly sweep and hose off the cover, and use cleaner or treatment if it’s recommended by the manufacturer of the cover.

Are you worried the recent weather caused damage to your pool?